Why should my business be one of the 100?

This is the ONLY event in Rhode Island to promote Small Business Saturday from one central location. Small Business Saturday Shop RI features a diverse representation of businesses, products, and services from across the state and offers a unique opportunity for businesses and shoppers all in one day! Last year 94 vendors participated in this first-ever event. Over 1500 people attended and supported the various businesses by buying some great gifts and products for the holiday season.

This is what Vendors had to say about last year’s event:

This event was very well organized and incredible exposure for my business! A lot of traffic and interested customers!
Great event to network, expand our reach to new customers and bounce some ideas off fellow vendors.
This was the BEST dollar sales event for us for the whole season.
We definitely want to participate next year with our new expansion of products.
It was such a fabulous surprise to see photos of our business highlighted in the Providence Journal article in the next day’s Sunday paper! We got lots of mileage out of that by sharing it on our social media pages.
Great location, quality vendors, good statewide promotion, lots of foot traffic and very profitable (for me)!

In addition, businesses and vendors who participate will benefit from:

  • statewide marketing support to promote this event
  • great sales potential for your product(s) and/or service(s)
  • networking potential between local businesses
  • access to a new market/customer base
  • SBA onsite resources for small businesses

Even better, the fee to participate is just $55.00 for each table.

For more information, see our FAQ page or contact us.

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